I’ll be using these pages to publish photos and creative writing while a member of photography 101 and blogging 101.

Thank you for your patience 🙂


Hello from Finland!
My husband and I are currently remodeling a (1950s) Finnish Front-Line Soldiers’ House Rintameistalo, it’s a complete whole-house renovation, including new construction. There are numerous Finnish blogs available about remodeling Rintamiestalon. I provide an English-language version of building procedures and situations a person can likely expect to encounter should they take on a remodeling project of this kind. As of yet, we’ve not discovered a blog site that discusses a home renovation project like ours in anything but Finnish.
Along with building progress our blog includes aspects of Finnish Culture, discussion and exploration of Finnish flowers, plants, and gardening in general.

In addition to performing as construction assistant and blog author, I’m also a university student and part-time language instructor in Helsinki. We have recently adopted an adult cat named Viiru (which means Scratch in Finnish).

Life is very full.


the name means old house Finland 🙂
That’s us in a nutshell.

Kate & Pekka


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