Dream Reader: Day 4

Currently …at this very moment I’m struggling to understand how killing something for sport or pleasure is considered normal. And to further my conundrum is how and when did taking the life of something spectacular and reducing this marvelous creature to a trophy wall or a floor rug become acceptable behavior… well, it’s simply beyond my ability to understand.

Whether you agree or not, can we agree that this and similar behavior should not be, further exploited by and through bragging rights and flaunting it through photographs, videos and social media pages?

How can social media be taken seriously, respected, admired if its own policies of proper conduct contradict so severely that which we like from that which we abhor? Disgusting images and videos of dead animals are just as welcome as some other persons’ photos of children or craft projects? And what about the other senseless acts of violence which have been recorded anonymously and uploaded. Torture of children, animals, self-mutilation? How can this be considered NOT a violation of terms of service or against company policy?

If something is unpleasant, we as viewers always, or nearly always have the opportunity to look away to that which we find displeasing. But if all we do is look away, doesn’t this condone the behavior? Things we object to continue to go on regardless. How does just turning away change anything except our own personal exposure to something we would rather not experience?

We are not all one big happy family.. this planet of several billion. We cannot all play nicely together, it’s a pipe-dream. I believe social media outlets have failed to meet even the lowest thresholds of prohibiting inappropriate content and acts of violence from their sites.

Yes, we can always turn away. How far can we move forward as a species if we are always looking away instead of looking straight ahead? Ponder that…


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